2016 Diluvion Update

Hello everyone! We have some exciting news and content to share with you so let's just dive right in.


We're still alive!

We've been working diligently to give you the best experience possible. We've been giving private monthly updates to our Kickstarter backers, so here is the much overdue public update. 

I'm Brandon the new community manager. The rest of the team is always drowning (yay or nay on the water humor?) in technical work so I'll be the one posting when I'm not too distracted by Magic the Gathering articles. Got any questions about the game? Want to know my favorite ice cream? Feel free to ask on reddit or twitter :)


We ditched our planned episodic structure--Diluvion now will be released as a full package

We were originally planning to release the game in several parts, but now we are going to release the entire game at once. 

Unfortunately, this means the estimated release date is pushed back, but we are confident that this will provide the best experience for everyone. With that said, we are planning to finish late 2016. 


Concept art, screenshots, and more!

And we couldn't have an update without sharing some fun things.

I sit right next to our artist, Leo, who has a sketchbook full of sweet concept art for capsules. Capsules are where people live when the whole world is underwater. 

And Leo also creates the tilesets that are used as backgrounds for the interior of capsules.

fjords tileset.png



When I first joined Arachnid, the first thing the rest of the team made me do was play the demo--and boy is it absolutely beautiful.

fjords ss 4.png

Here is some footage of how the sonar will be used in the game. Notice the growing green dot in the crosshairs? That's your sonar charging. Your sonar can send out low and high frequency pings. Low frequency pings take longer to charge but go farther (and they're the only ones used in this video because everything is fairly spread out in this area). High frequency pings are quicker but do not travel as far. 


If you haven't seen it yet, here is the newest trailer for Diluvion!

Get in on all the action!

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We're looking forward to giving you more exciting news in the future!