Arachnid Joins Execution Labs for the Summer 2015 Cohort

We're super excited to announce that we're joining Execution Labs, an indie game incubator, for their summer cohort!  

We're joining three other small teams for the summer.

Pixel Spill is hopping across the pond and joining us from London, England. They bring with them an atmospheric exploration game called Outreach. Driven by a fragmented narrative set in the 1980s, the player is a cosmonaut who docks at a Soviet space station where the crew seems to have disappeared. Pixel Spill is also our first team developing with Unreal Engine 4.  

Denmark’s ThroughLine Games will be working on the cinematic game Forgotton Anne while here at Execution Labs. It is a beautiful 2D adventure game reminiscent in style of an anime film. As the titular Anne, the player—the only human in a magical world—must join a rebellion against a tyrannous ruler.

Finally, locally grown Artifact 5 has joined the Accelerator with  their surreal environmental game, Anamorphine. A narrative driven game featuring no written or spoken language, the player will travel through a journey of grief and regret trying to come to terms with their choices.

The Arachnid team has left sunny California for beautiful Montreal, where the XL offices are.  We can't wait to share the work we'll be doing on Diluvion in this great environment.